The New Mining Agency is finally installed (Decree No. 9,587/18)

Posted on: Nov 28, 2018

On November 27th, 2018, President Temer enacted Decree No. 9,587/18, which shall come into force and effect on December 5th, 2018, determining the installation of the National Mining Agency (ANM), in replacement for the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM), which shall be extinguished. In addition, President Temer has also established the National Mining Agency’s regimental structure and appointed its new directors, to wit:

  • Mr. Victor Hugo Froner Bicca – Chief Director;
  • Ms. Debora Toci Puccini – Director;
  • Mr. Tomás Antônio Albuquerque de Paula Pessoa Filho – Director;
  • Mr. Tasso Mendonça Júnior – Director; and
  • Mr. Eduardo Araujo de Souza Leão – Director.

Therefore, the new Mining Code Regulations, which were set forth by means of the Decree No. 9,406/18, previously enacted by President Temer, shall also come into force and effect on December 5th, 2018.