Alterations on Federal Registration of potentially pollutant activities and users of Environment Resources

Posted on: Apr 20, 2018

On April 17, 2018, the Brazilian Environmental Agency (“IBAMA”) published Ordinance No. 11/2018 and Ordinance No. 12/2018 (“Ordinances”), altering the regulation of Federal Registration of Potentially Pollutant Activities and Users of Environment Resources (“CTF/APP”) and introducing new environmental instruments.

The Ordinance No. 11/2018 sets forth new rules for the enrollment in CTF/APP, such as:

  • Alterations of the activities subjected to enrollment and of the hypothesis of its exemption;
  • Alterations of impediment cases for the issuance of Compliance Certificate;
  • Regulation of manufacturing by order and outsourced activities;
  • Regulation of auxiliary activities;
  • Enrollment of legal or technical responsible for the activities.

The Ordinance No. 12/2018 sets forth:

  • Technical File – FTE, which is an electronic formulary, containing descriptions for the classification of potentially pollutant activities and users of natural resources;
  • Glossary with legal definitions and terms for consultation and clarifications related to (i) information requested in the FTE and (ii) activities subjected to CTF/APP.

The Ordinances shall enter into force on June 29, 2018.